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How to Know If Working at Home is Right for You



There are many advantages to working at home; being free from office politics, avoiding the daily commute, and flexible working hours are some of these perks. For some people, however, weighing the pros and cons of working at home can be difficult. There are lots of factors to consider, and if you currently have a job you’d like to hold on to, it may feel as if you’re giving up too much in exchange for the freedom of a work-at-home career.


So how do you know if working at home is the right decision for you? Here are some important factors to consider:


·         Balancing your work and your life – Try to think about your current situation now and see how easily you are able to transition from being an employee to a family man, and vice versa. This can be pretty difficult. Some people have discovered that they are not capable of putting off work when they need to; because they work from home, they feel as if their work is always calling out to them. If you want to work from home, you will have to put off your work hat and put on your family hat frequently.


·         Motivating yourself – Sometimes, the hardest thing about being your own boss is that there is no one around to motivate you. Let’s face it; some people need somebody else who can push their buttons and motivate them however it takes. It could be your supervisor, your manager, or your co-workers, but somebody is needed to provide the spark or persuasion to keep you going. If you’re going to work at home, you will definitely need to be able to work without direct supervision from someone else.


·         Your working environment – A work-at-home career sounds good, especially for those people who are too busy to leave the home but want to earn a decent income. However, the factors that are keeping you from finding or holding a steady job outside the home may also cause problems when you’re working at home instead. Spouses, guests, children, and pets are the common distractions of a work-at-home environment, so you’d better prepare a dedicated work area if you want to be productive.


·         Socialization – You should also expect to see less of your friends than what you’ve been doing when you start a work-at-home career. There are lots of stories about people who tried working at home and found out that they needed the social interaction that can only be realized in an office setting. If you’re like this, you may find yourself frequently calling your friends on the phone just for a quick chat. This will hurt your productivity and may even drive you nuts.


·         Type of job – There are just some types of jobs that don’t fit into a work-at-home lifestyle. It’s all good if you’re able to function and do your work through the phone or online, but if your job requires you to personally meet with clients or work together with staff members, you’re out of luck. In this case, your employer might be able to arrange a telecommuting setup for you, or else you will have to look for a job that better suits your purpose.